About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Amelia and welcome to my first blog!

I may have graduated from medical school, joined the military as a doctor and learnt my anatomy book inside out but as soon as someone mentioned “credit score…pension…investing” – it felt like I needed to go back to actual school. I was clueless and remained that way right up until 2020 when I had enough of being in the dark. I channelled my boredom during those multiple COVID-19 lockdowns and decided to find any idiot’s guide I could to learn more about what people referred to as: “finance”.

What makes my blog different to the thousands out there talking about the same subject? I assume nothing. 

I found during my research that far too many websites and resources already assume you are somewhat financially literate and do not bother giving you definitions, which made it difficult for me to understand their concepts. I needed to be spoon-fed.

I have only just begun my learning journey, but my aim here is to share with you all some of the basic principles I have come across so far, explain them in the simplest way I can and cover topics that the school syllabus failed to ever teach us.

My ethos: the fundamentals. simple language. financial life hacks. 

If you think I’m going to teach you how to get wealthy, read no further.


If you want to become more secure and confident about your finances, then read on as this Doctor hopes to make you more financially healthy!